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Educate to Eliminate 2011

November 16, 2011

HI All  So thanks to everyone who has said they will come down to help out. Also to the support people, NZ Fire service, Island Bay Marine Education Centre, WCC Citiops, Wellington Waterfront ltd and Macs brewbar. We are expecting a big team from VUCEL (including most of the MOvember team, so you can see how we are all going and donate some coin to a worthy cause)
 So the plan -
 Please arrive between 0930 and 1000 (see photo 1), drop your gear off and you will get a pass for the Barnett St car park (see photo 2).
There will be a safety brief at 1030 and divers will enter the water between 1100 and 1130.
Steve Meads from Blue Wellington will be the safety guru and will take names before you get in and check you off when you get out. Please don’t enter the water if you haven’t given him your name…Snorkelers and kayakers also need to give their names…no one gets left behind! :)
The first group in will be the buddy groups of Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Gareth Hughes MP. 
If you want to be in the “under the wharf rock walking” team. You will need a wetsuit (or not if you wish, but the only way to get there is via the water) and sturdy shoes…and mind the rats :)…and PLEASE we need at least 2 kayakers (thanks Hud I got your email)
If you want to be on the surface rope pulling or de-crittering teams we will have rubber gloves but gardening gloves will also help.
 Max dive times will be 50 mins so all divers should be out of the water by 1230.
Depth and area of dive will be included in the safety brief.
After the dive the nice young men of the NZ Fire Service will hose you and your gear off (gears before beers after all) and then off to Macs Brewbar where they will have a few platters for us and we can spin a few yarns about the size of the rats!
Any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call me.  See you all there!

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